Wednesday, May 18, 2005


After a loads of modifications to the car (a lot more then expected) I finally got them Webers fitted. The conversion involved changes to the heating system, relocating brakepipes and cutting a piece out of the bulkhead. I've fitted a Spitfire heatervalve on the bulkhead as the GT6 originally has one fitted to the manifold. A homemade bracket has been used for attaching the acceleratorcable. Chokecable is only connected to two of the carbs. this seems to work okay. Unfortunately the Webers are setup wrong. It runs and sounds great though the car won't pull under load, which means mixture is very poor. This might be caused by slightly too large chokes. I've got 33's now, but I recon 28's will do the trick. Will get an answer soon from a Dutch weber guru and also Triumph lover. (they race a Dolomite Sprint). All this means we can't take the GT6 out on our UK trip in two weeks. Which is sad news, as I really was looking forward driving my Triumph this holiday. Now we have to take the BMW. Luckily it has 170BHP and rearwheeldrive!!!!!!!!!

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