Sunday, July 03, 2005

A day at the races

Yesterday we visited the zolder racetrack in Belgium for the historic GP. It's a nice warmup for next month Nurburgringevent. The Zolder event doesn't attract lots of visitor which makes it very interesting. You can walk around in paddock and pitboxes without any restrictions. it's a very relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately the track itself isn't very interesting, especially not for photographing. Lots of Triumphs around this weekend as there are German Triumph competions. Mostly TR's and Spitfires. Most interesting car of the event was a ex-works Capri. Impressive sound produced by a very rare V6 twincam engine on kugelfisher injection. Last year it was fighting against a BMW CSL batmobile. Unfortunately that Beemer broke down at the beginning of the race. A real shame as both cars are very competitive.

It was another great day at the races, only 5 weeks before the big one at the Nurburgring!

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