Friday, December 02, 2005

gearbox rebuilt

During my last trip I noticed some rattling from underneath the car when driving over bumps and under hard cornering. It sounded like the propshaft hit the bodywork. After some investigation I found a seized gearboxmount. Time to take the gearbox out, a job that was on my wishlist for a long time (actually since I have the car). Gearchange is fine, it's only leaking oil like the Axxon Valdez. So this was my moment!

Took an hour to take the box out of the car. Gearboxtunnel was already removed (another hour of work) After dismantling I found the mainbearings had some serious play. Also the mainshaft has little damage. For the rest it's okay. Will spend the next days rebuilding the gearbox and OD with new bits. After that I hope it will be trouble and leak free!

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