Sunday, April 02, 2006

bit bored

Not much I can do these days. I actually have to drive my GT6 on a daily base, but so far I haven't. Gearbox needs running in, but the weather is still playing up. Me being a lazy person isn't helping much either. It's too easy taking the Beemer... As my diff is a bit noisy on overrun I deceided to take an old 4.11 apart. As a test, never dismanteled one before. Taking it apart seems to be quite easy. Putting it back together was a bit tricky. You need lots of special tools to do a good job. It isn't that difficult, as long as you have the right equipment. Which I haven't. So I learned my lesson on the old diff. Don't take it fully apart, as you're not able to put it back together!!! The only jobs you can do yourself are changing the oilseals. I also have another 3.89 lying around which looks like it's overhauld. It doesn't have much play and it feels good when you turn the flange. I want to use this diff as a replacement for the current one. So I will take it apart to check for wear, and if it's okay I will put new oilseals on and fit it to the car.

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