Monday, December 11, 2006

New car (part two)

Well, it's not new and it's hardly a car at the moment. It's more like a box of meccano!

It's a '69 Saloon 2.5PI mk1. One of the few LHD ones that are still around and this one is even an original Dutch registered. The car has covered 70.000km and has been off the road for more then 10 years now. It's all original and very solid. It has been welded on 2 places (not done very well) but doesn't need any further welding. The engine has been rebuild and so has all the PI gear. It comes with a J-type overdrive and the wider mk2 rear axle.

The car looks very poor from the photos but it's much better irl. You can see some patches of filler on the front wings, but these are only some attempts from the previous owner to prepare the car for painting. Haven't got a clue why he was using fiberglass filler for it..... Luckily he stopped "working" on the car and didn't cause any serious damage to it. Hope to get the car back on the road in the next year. Still a lot to do, have to get my thoughts on what I want to do with it. What I do know for now that it's not having the original colour back. Emerald green is a bit yuck to me!

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