Monday, April 09, 2007

First official unofficial Triumph meet Limburg.

Here we are, at the end of another smashing run through the German eifel. We had a great day out enjoying our cars and of course ourselves! It was also the first official unofficial Triumph meeting since our local area has separated from CTH. Amazingly we had a good turn out with 6 cars, 5 Triumphs and one Escort mk1. For today I volunteered to codrive with Rob in his Escort. We met at 9.00 in Sittard at Ron and Mary's place (our new clubhouse....) After the usual chat we left for Germany around 10.00. The first section was a bit boring with long straight roads and many villages to cross. It didn't take long for us to loose the cars behind us. Only Rob and Monique in the TR7 V8 stayed on our tail. Not much later I missed a lefthand turn (on my own designed route, Hooray!) and we got lost. Luckily rob had satnav which brought us back on track soon. The further we drove down south the more challenging the roads became. Robs RS2000 is going really well, only suffering some very bad vibrations at certain speeds. Doesn't really matter as long as there is go! I think Rob enjoyed the twisty roads very much. Then we got lost a second time in Bad Munstereifel, but luckily came back on track soon. Now we were up on the last section before the halfway stop. This section was used last year as one of the stages at the rally Koln-Ahrweiler. A fantastic road, big respect for the rallydrivers who do these sections at more serious speeds. Now we were close to our halfway point, restaurant Steinerberg which is situated on top of a hill. The road up there is amazing. Looks like the road to nowhere and seems to be climbing and climbing up the hill for ever. It's only one car wide and the hairpins are proper first gear stuff. Top entertainment! Once we've reached the top we notice it's very busy at the restaurant. 15 minutes later the other Triumphs arrive. It took us a while to order food but managed in the end. Unfortunately the second part of our group deceided to drive down and search for another restaurant as the food supply was slow. Shame as we haven't seen them since then. They drove straight home after lunch, due to illness of one of the codrivers. Once we got our food it turned out to be really nice. It was worth the climb and the long wait. After lunch we drove down the hill where I tried to make some pics of the wedgies in front of us.

Theo's new pride and joy, scraping the mirrors on the tarmac... :-)

Drive it like a hairdresser stole it!
Once out on the open road again we headed for the Nürburgring. The road from Kesseling to Adenau is a narrow but good visible road which can be driven in anger. This is how it looks like!

Cupholder RS2000 style!!!

We stopped at Bergwerk to see some track action. It's a great spot as you are very close to the track. Not sure if it's safe, so far I have never seen a car crash.

Our tool for today, Robs Escort mk1 RS2000

Some on track action pics

After the usual Porsche and BMW watching at the Ring we continued our trip towards Adenau. First a quick pitstop for fuel in Breidscheid, then we would be ready for the last section.

Robbie stays cool, V8 needs juice!

Beans fills up the Beans way!!

With the cars filled up, we hit the road again. From Adenau we took a great road towards Reifferscheid. This was another section out of the Koln-Ahrweiler. Think this was the best stretch we drove today. Just amazing! And very quiet as well. Luckily the backroads in the Eifel are still undiscovered, gives us plenty of room to play. Especially the downhill section towards Fuchshofen is spectacular. Next time I want to drive uphill, must be even better! We continued our tour on more interesting roads and finally ended up in Aachen. Last section on the busy motorway and we were back home again. I really enjoyed being in Robs Escort as a codriver, it's a great car that can only become better once all the vibrations and rattles are sorted. It was a good day out in good company. Shame we got split up and some of us had to go home early. Next time we'll try again!

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