Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nurburgring

Sorry it took soo long for my report on the Oldtimer GP weekend. I first had to wait for all the photos to come in and then got really annoyed by the blogger program, so badly that I didn't touch it for 2 weeks. Now it seems all to work fine, so here we go!!!

Yes we did it again, another succesfull camping weekend at the Nurburgring Oldtimer GP. And it was just as much fun as the previous editions. Arriving on fridaymorning in the Eifel turned out to be a rather foggy welcome. In fact it was very foggy! At some places visability was really poor. Hopefully it would clear up later. First thing to do was setting up the campsite. Luckily this year our die hard camperman Hay was present again with his magic Citroen Jumpy van. This van is really amazing! It has all the facilities to make every camping weekend succesfull. In no time we had a big tent, BBQ, music (incl MP3's for at least 1 weekend), cooled beer and running water. The plan now was to go shopping first in Adenau and watch the race at the Nordschleife from Breidscheid afterwards. On our trip down to Adenau we realised the fog was getting worse. After the usual shopping (and Mario buying all sorts of high alcoholic drinks..) we deceided to go to Hannes (again) for pommes und currywurst. The races should have started at 15.00 but it was still very quiet at the track. Which made us worry a bit, it all sounded like they cancelled the whole event for the day. After some investigation this turned out to be the fact. No race, time for a BBQ! So we went back to the campsite for an early start with beer and fire!

The Dutch arrive in style
Pommes und currywurst at Hannes

Time to fire up the BBQ, Hay style!

Ofcourse pyro Rob couldn't resist to give it a go...

Da Mario! Next time he really should bring his Hotrod!!!!

BBQ nearly ready for food supply.
Mark da firestarter!

How cosy.........Hay equipment
Remember our Berliner friends from last year? Well, they came back. They even brought us Berliner Pilseren this year, which tasted very good! Danke jungs!
Mario shows the latest German hat fasion... is he asleep????

Yes he is! Time for another "Mario" wake up call.. :-)
Mark practises his German and chats about Simca's (or Volvo's?)

Saturday we had a very friendly wakeup call from our next door neighbours. They thought it would be funny to ignite some rather noisy fireworks. And we thought also that is was a good sense of German humour! But not our other German neighbours. It's an understatement to say they where not amused.. The day started just as foggy as the previous day ended. This wasn't looking to good for the races. Ofcourse we had to make our famous breakfast first before we could walk to the track to see the races. Luckily the sun came out and it turned out to be a great day. We watched several races at the GP track, did a pitwalk and returned to the campsite late afternoon to fire up the BBQ

Good Morning Nurburgring! All bright and fresh, time to do some cookie cookie!

Our own Swedish Chef, Herbert cooking the eggs! I'm supervising..

We have many of these pics, will not bother you with all of them..
Watching the races and Beans doing the professional photoshoot

Great Bentley! I want one...
In the paddock...Meet and greet with Rob and Monique

GT40, Don't we all want one??Rather nice car you can see during the pitwalk
Get wired! Trying to look important between the racing trucks...
Yes, we even saw some racing Triumphs!If you like Gullwings, this is your weekend. Many of them around. This Corvette has one of the best paintjobs ever seen.

More German humour! Yes it exists!!!Back at the campsite Rob takes a beauty sleep.......while I got lost in the forest!We also inspected the toolbox of the Germans. Proper quality stuff inside!Finally went back to the track to watch the last races of the day. We also spotted this German version of the beertender!
First we saw these pre-war cars
A little sideways! Then it was time for the best race of the day, GT and sportscars up to 1965

Time for the last race of the day... Expensive line up of cars!
Racing is boring..........No it's not! :-)
Back at the campsite we did some more cooking and drinking. The very expensive ( € 1,50 for 1.5liter??) Lidl Sangria tasted ok. Hay and Mario had most of it I think. We all had a great time!
The next morning it was all sunny again and after the usual breakfast it was time to pack up. Most of us went home and some of us went to the Nordschleife to see some action on track. Unfortunately it was very very busy on and besides the track that we deceided to go home early. It was the end of another succesful weekend. Next year we'll do it again!
Jumpy Puzzle... how not to fit a seat

This is looking way better. It needed some agression but in the end it all fitted!

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