Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PI gets PI Power

Yes! Finally we've started to convert the PI back from Webers to PI. Actually we are swapping engines as I have a fully reconditioned PI engine lying around. Wasn't completely pleased with the Webers as they only performed (sort of) at higher revs. Doesn't really suit the character of the car me thinks. Of course you can make Webers work, but it would involve many engine modification. Coudn't be bothered either as I quite like the idea of mechanical injection. Italy - England 0-1

Taking the old engine out was an easy job. I'm very lucky to use Robs workshop facilities including ramp and electric pallet lifter. Once the engine was out I took the chance to waxoil most parts of the car (inside of nose cone etc) and of course clean the enginebay. We also painted the subframe and crossmember. Everything is fresh and clean now! Last weekend we've put the PI engine back in, another easy job. Plenty of space in a Saloon engine bay. Now it's a matter of connecting all bits together... Might be the most complicated part of the engine transplant. I'm sure we can work it out and get the PI going!

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