Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Triumph meet Han Sur Lesse

Last sunday we visited a meeting organised by the Belgium Triumph Club. Eight cars from our local CTH group entered the event. One of them being non-Triumph. I feel very sorry about this as it was us who didn't show up in a proper car. We took my BMW as the GT6 still needs some work done and Theo's TR7 refused to start. (due to a faulty fuelpump). After a very pleasant drive through the Belgium ardennes we arrived at the meet in Han Sur Lesse. Although the apperience of some very interesting cars it was a bit of a dull event. Nothing really happened, so we ended up in towncentre, drinking Belgium beers (coffee for the drivers) . After a decent meal we decided to drive back home on some interesting B roads. Mr "nightrally" René told us some of these roads will be used in the next year version of this event. Hmmm!!! To give an impression on the Han Sur Lesse show I have put some photo's on the site.

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prolegal said...

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