Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nachtrit 2005

It's already 3 weeks ago, finally a report from the Club Triumph Holland Nightrally. I've already made up a report for the Dutch clubmag. As I'm a very lazy person I trusted Microsoft Word do the translation for me. I think the results are a good laugh. Not such a good translation I'm afraid. Happy reading!! And never trust a Microsoft product again :-)

Peak on the Triumph agenda nevertheless always remains annual night ride. In or an other manner we it seem very nice find to take off thick 300km concerning Belgian quality ways, and thus still in dark. Year also this were the weeks preceding the night ride enormous stretching. To good use there charge had - minute are repaired for GT6 to the start to get. I zat already tijdje to bungle with the webers my GT6 and also lighting deserved attention. A week for the night ride nevertheless but a new dispenser expresses United Kingdom to come. These proved to be to overkant of the water considerably cheaper than on this side. Disadvantage is only that the transport what lasts longer. Fortunately have the parcel farmers well their best done because Thursday for the ride the dispenser on the pavement lay. Thursday evening the thing assembled and the complete game put on time. After this was done did not run the car, however most. Friday nevertheless but Webers to replace by the original Strombergs. Because the night ride missing is not done!Unfortunately was lacking fuel control a piece so that I early activities had strike. That Topgear on TV came also a good reason was. Zaterdagmorgen stood up on time for the missing piece control of my other GT6 to unscrew. This state in a hut a kilometre or 10 of house.But at home rapidly put, and starts the control. Stretching moment since I did not know how the Strombergs would react to busy of the electric petrol pump. And of course it did not go according to plan. first carburateur leak as a screen from the chamberchamber chamber. The complete little matter dismantled and then the cause was rapidly clear. Plastic dekseltje zat very loose and as a result, leak there petrol. To my idea it, however, once to o ring can lie. Of course I had of it no reserve. Therefore but the car stepped and to the hut for two donors carbs driven. At home come to appear these another have lidlid lid. Game concerning!! Nevertheless still looked at to the leaking lid, plastic dopje there pushed in and...... hey.... He clasps!! Rapidly the little matter assembled and jawel, he was as well as dense. Hoera!!! Unfortunately ran for the not yet real terribly. As if there but 5 boys participate. Therefore the cables and the bougies inspect. It is meanwhile 12.00 hours are. Hours still 3 and a beetje before we leave. As I withdraw the last cable of the verdeelkap and try rubber cap at I have to two cables push sudden. Very skilful. The wide timetable becomes suddenly less clear. For the last time to the hut for fresh bougiekabels at to obtain. After these and nestje fresh NGK's for assembling sound everything trusted. Still just as lighting finetunen and a short test ride. 1330 and GT6 is ready for the night ride!!

I had a week or six for the night ride on the forum of English club Triumph an invitation placed for the night ride. And crazily as At its has submitted an application two teams. Father and for the Foreman and Don Cook with James Carruthers. Both underway by GT6, mk3 and accidentally also still ex 10CR cars. The three men and young lady happened only even for the ride, therefore zaterdagmorgen very early left and Sunday to house. English adventures are read through in the report which James have sent us.

Just as for three hours I am rung René. He had phone call has of Doug but understood of it not already surplus. Something with link which they were lost and if I their just as want ring. Not much later my mobile goes. I see 0044..... number. Roger, this are Doug, tricks.... I've discharge my clutchplate, any chance we can get a new one???” That to call them nou British optimism!! Fortunately I have still flame-new link stock and that wants gladly take along I. Tevens still but what other spullen taken along that possibly of just could come. Such as what reparatiekitjes for link cylinders and halfshaft of an old acceleration barge for plate to centre. The boys go therefore even along the street the link to replace. Around three hours is them started with dismantle. I around five hours on site its with the link. Round halfly four rob with co driver Rodi came to. Unfortunately with 325 the Touring since the Escort mk1 still net were not ready. Just as later my co driver Paul arrived. Waiting was for Theo and Jos with TR7. Round four hours left we direction hotel Mosa. Small uurtje later we let us be on site. Just in time to hand over the link plate. In the meantime that Doug and Don were very busy with fixen of GT6 I am me to will busy keep with translating the route book for James and Katie. Fortunately the whole table participated with to translate, therefore that was skilful! Around 6 hours the first car should leave. The link zat and also at was zowat ready for the start. Katie could still just as the last parts on the car to scale back whereas Doug and Don itself in a something neater package props. Now was possible the real work to will start.

As a number 22 we went of start. The sun was already almost under and shortly it whole obscurity would be. The ride went in fact without considerable problems. Some a time we have had twinges for a missed junction, but never we have driven error. And GT6 it did also very well. The behaviour with the new framework is a piece improves. And what am I gladly with the wheel house of the Spitfire. Makes a difference really enormous with fast turning work. Now hoef I no longer hair-peeled the wheel to catch. Terrible skilfully! Plane for the tussenstop in Andenne starts it hard rain. This was not predicted. Arrived in Andenne we could park on the market square. stopper was at Le Figaro. Nice restaurantje with still leukere service. stokbroodje with ham and without cheese become a tosti without ham and tomato soup changed in pumpkin soup. Hmmm nicely! After the break it proves to be dry. Still even rapidly for 10 euro petrol thrown (7 litres, snik...) (And what there still in the tank zat) we it to at home must obtain. Second part of the route went also very well. The ways were still worse as in first part, but that could not the pret press. Eventually we came without problems at hotel Mosa. Alwaar at already lively to the beer sat! They proved have driven entirely missing on the Second part. Happy they had friend TOMs TOMs and those had their safely to the hotel geloodst. Them had anyway very well amused and it for had started there! We had that also, and after sociably with everyone to have discussed be we in convoy homeward gone. Master René followed in the Dolomite first, by TR6, GT6, TR7 and BMW.Last four of the row found it necessary for in Maastricht still just as stoplichtsprintje to do. No idea what the other road users there of found, but I found it goeie joke. Still just as a last tank top along A2 and vervolgens rapidly the direction bedje. Fortunately it became winter time therefore we let us can uurtje sleep longer. All in all it was too crazy night ride. I want thank René thus complete a lot for the each year turn off of this ride. Very nice if you consider that he everything practically only organises. Next year are we there certainly and possibly come then still more at this side.

Anyone who can tell me what this about?????????? Even I can't figure out!!

Anyway, it was a great event. We had so much fun in the GT6, although there were some rather unlpleasant rattles from underneath the car...... To be continued!

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