Monday, March 13, 2006

some more work done

6 days before the start of our drivingseason. Still preparing the car to get it sorted for the nightrally. When I changed back from Webers to the Strommies I realised the shortened chokecable was a bit too short. Starting the car without choke in these cold days is not that handy. Flooding the carbs happens quite easy. So I nicked the chokecable from the red GT6 and fitted it to the white one. Now it fires up really well. Hmmmm what a great sound of that straight six!! Also replaced a seized wheelstud at the rear. Actually want to replace them all one day. Not in a mood for it now, I'll leave it for next time. Finally adjusted the spotlights. They are now on equal hight, tomorrow I will do final adjustments.

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