Wednesday, May 31, 2006

more fiddling and holiday

After I fitted the Astrali Successor II I noticed my horn wasn't working. I never use a horn, so very possible it has been broke for a longer period. They normally test it on a MOT test (APK in NL) though I can remember from last year they forgot. Started checking on the horn itself first, which was ok. After that I checked all the wiring, checked again and again. I just could figure out why it wasn't working. I had power up to the relay, but it wasn't working. After some 3 hours of braincracking I found out two wires on the relay where connected the wrong way round!! After I changed it back my horn said beep! Also my hazard lights worked again and my interior light switched on... Fixed three bits at once, just amazing! Still haven't got a clue why it was wired up the wrong way round.

Tomorrow Theo and I leave for a short holiday in the UK. Theo's Sprint engined TR7 will be transport on this trip. First we're heading for the Old Stone Through in Kelbrook for the local Club Triumph meeting. As it's the night before the Carrera Caledonia lots of southern CT members will show up. This makes it almost to a national event. Last year was great fun, think this year will be even better. Won't be getting late I'm afraid. Next they we have breakfast at 6.30 as we have to leave early for the start of La Carrera Caledonia. A one day driving event through beautiful Scotland. Don't know what to expect from LCC, I recon it will be top! Saturday ends in Callander where we're having a LCC diner. From there we're going to drive further up north on sunday, not sure in what direction yet. We'll see!! Scotland can't be dissapointing. We're supposed to be back next saturday.

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Raider said...

You will enjoy Scotland Roger.

I look forward tos eeing you and Theo at the Old Stone Trough