Sunday, August 06, 2006

Club Triumph Holland 30th anniversary

Today we went to the 30th anniversary party of CTH. Joined by 3 dolomites (1850, 1850 auto and Sprint) we drove up to the ANWB testtrack in Lelystad. A joyfull drive from 200km on the motorway. I was driving behind the automatic Dollie as we noticed it was smoking very badly from underneath the car. After a couple of miles I also noticed my car was covered in engineoil!! Time to stop the Dolomite in front of us. After a quick investigation we found it was leaking oil from the rockercover. As the owner forgot to tighten it up properly... So the screwdriver came out, tightened it up and off we went again. We entered Lelystad round 11.00 without having any other failures on cars. At the scene it came clear this would be another typical CTH event. Static.... very static. Although we were on a proper testtrack they managed to make another dull event out of it. No atmosphere, nothing going on! Only a line up of Triumphs. Luckily there where some nice examples to look at. My favourite car of the day was a Herald Coupé. Not often seen on the continent and I think they look just great! Deceided I want one too.. :-) Also great to see a Triumph Italia and the Swallow Doretti (which shows up regularly). There where some nice GT6'es too. After a couple of hours we deceided to go home. Another joyfull (and hot) drive back on the motorway. Did nearly 400km in the GT6 today. A good practice for the RBRR

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