Saturday, August 05, 2006


Don't know what happened to me today. I feeled the need of washing my GT6!! Have to say it was a bit dusty from the run I did together with the local Mini club. The run contained a lot of gravelroads in it, which was great fun in the GT. Sideways action all over the place!! I guess the Miniboys and girls never saw a car going sideways before. Now the car is all shiny (ish) it should be ready for tomorrow. It's Club Triumph Holland 30th birthday! They rented the ANWB (Dutch AA) testtrack which might be interesting. Think there are several driving tests going on. We'll drive down in the GT tomorrow and see what happens! It will be the first static show ever in the GT6 since I have the car! Normally not my piece of cake, but this is kinda special. And hopefully worth the trip...

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