Saturday, February 17, 2007


It's back in and it runs! It's all smooth and quiet again and I was very excited this afternoon when I finally heard it running again. I'm talking about my GT6 engine, which came out of the car because it made some unhealthy bottom end noises. After a closer examination I found some pretty worn big end bearings. Luckily the crankshaft didn't suffer from it. We measured the crankpins and endfloat of the crank which was all within the limits. Oilpump was also OK, so only new big end bearings came in. I managed to find some OE quality replacements which isn't as easy as it sounds. My supplier in the Netherlands only has the cheap repro County bearings in his pricelist but can also do OE quality if you ask for it. I think this is a bit odd, but according to him his customers only want the cheapest. Not me though, esp not on bearings.

I was a bit worried about mating the engine back to the gearbox but surprisingly it slided in very easy. It's all about having both gearbox and engine in a correct angle! Well I first started the engine today and it sounds very sweet! Hmm I love the Triumph sixpot.

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