Saturday, October 16, 2010

The End

Well, this is it. Today I made the decision to take my GT6 off the road. After a better investigation of the chassis it turned out fixing the MOT failure wasn't that straight forward. Either it would become a bodge repair or the body had to be lifted from the chassis to do it properly. Not looking forward to both options means this will be the end of life for my beloved GT6. A life that started 10 years ago when I picked the car up in Abergavenny. It was meant to be a donor car for my red GT6 but it turned out to be to good to break. After returing home it has been brought back to life with little efford and had served me since. Although it had let me down on several occasions I did many miles in it. Enjoyed them all! Doing the 2006 RBRR must have been one of the highlights. Unfortunately we just missed out on RBRR 2010 because of the MOT failure. So far the story of KE509O...... but the story continues. One day it will be back, better than ever I hope. Finally it will get it's destination as a donor car. Building a new GT6 seems to be a good plan. I've got all the ingredients to make it to the car I have always wanted. But first I will concentrate on my other Triumph. The 2.5PI will get full attention and I promissed myself that it has to be finished before starting building the GT.

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Els said...

How sad :(
I already miss the lovely rides and the terrible sounds....