Friday, December 24, 2010

Dreaming of a white Christmas too!

Well, not dreaming.... it's actually happening this year, a white Christmas in the Netherlands. Wishing you all the best and of course a happy new year!

Soon there should be some PI progress. The reconditioned injection bits are on it's way back from the UK and should arrive soon. In the meantime I keep myself busy rebuilding the Mini front suspension. (After killing it during last nachtrit). Our friend and Mini specialist Freek told me there are some bumpstops missing and this has possible caused the damage. Got all the subframe mountings polybushed and also the bushes for the lower arm and tiebars are replaced. All a very straightforward job once you figured out how to support the body and subframe. We've got the Mini nearly for a year now and rebuilt the complete front and rear suspension and subframes on it. Also it became new tyres (Yokohama) as the Falkens were a complete waiste. No grip at all in the wet. The car was extremely dangerous to drive. Must say things have improved a lot after the tyre change and rear suspension rebuild. I recon it will become even better after the front is done. Our little Cooper is so much fun to drive, anyone should have one!

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