Monday, January 31, 2011

Nearly done

Recently I've been fitting the reconditioned injection bits to the PI. Not much to report really, all a straight forward fit. Only issue was/is the fuel returnpipe connection at the MU. The old MU had the push on connection whilst the new one is the screw on type. An error made by myself when ordering from Neil. For now I've made a temporary connector which hopefully does the trick. An other issue is that I'm missing some bits of the choke cable connection at the accelerator linkage. Anyone got some going spare?? Anyway, in the next couple of days the PI engine should fire up hopefully. Fingers crossed! In the meantime I purchased a very nice 14" Moto Lita dished steering wheel from ebay. Suits the car really well, much better than the mk2 2500 wheel that was in it originally.

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