Friday, March 11, 2011

First time out

Last saturday of February we had our first car event of the year. Unfortunately not in the PI as it's still a no go at that point. Our little Mini was used again and this time it was Els behind the wheel. Rob and I organised a 170km run for our local classic car enthusiasts. We started off with a healthy breakfast at Toms farmyard. It was the first time we used this rather unusual venue but it turned out to be one great experience. Imagine a farmyard full of cats and agricultural equipment that includes a pub that serves home made food from home grown animals. Fully self supporting! The run itself wasn't that exciting for us as I had designed the route myself. Luckily the route included some nice backroads. Els enjoyed driving the Mini in anger! Must say she gets better and better behind the wheel. Back at Toms place we got welcomed with home made soup which was again very tasty. Think all entrants enjoyed our first time out. And the Mini survived without loosing or breaking any important parts!

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