Monday, March 14, 2011

PI is alive!!!!!

Yes, it's alive, but it wasn't as easy as expected. It took me a long time to figure out why the car wouldn't run. First I took care all the injectors fired, which needed a lot of time and patience. Plus a good battery! As there was no result I thought it would be clever to check all timing marks including the timing of the camshaft. The engine has been rebuild by previous owner and hasn't run since. I needed to know if everything was spot on. Even with the engine on time there was no go. This was weird and to be honest, I was at the end of my inspiration. New input was soon found after posting my PI troubles on the CT forum. So after checking the timing again (and again and again) and feeding the beast with fresh fuel it still wouldn't fire up. The next day someone suggested to change the plugs as they could have suffered from overfueling. Eureka! That was it. After changing the "new" plugs for some old ones the engine finally came to live! Not to say I was pleased with the result. Engine is actually running very smooth with good oil pressure. Next job is rebuilding the throttle linkages as there is too much play. Then the car needs finishing off with all sorts of little jobs. Plenty to do but we're getting there slowly.

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Beans said...

Congratulations, hopefully you get the car sorted for our Eastern Run