Sunday, April 03, 2011


The project has finished. Well, of course that's not exactly true because a Triumph is never finished. Sooner or later it will brake down again. One of the benefits of driving a British classic! In the last couple of days I've been putting back the interior and fitting the entertainment section. I think some sort of car audio makes sense in a big Saloon as the car will be used for longer distance runs. Also the brakes have been bleeded. I job I still had to do after I overhauled the suspension. (some years ago) I haven't driven the car yet as I still need to find some adjusting rods to fit the throttle linkages. It's the last bit that stops me from driving the PI and getting a new MOT. Shouldn't take long now!

Things to do: Tidy up the bodywork, fit a nicer set of woodcappings, driving it!

Wishlist: Bigger wheels 14" or 15", possibly a Minilight design or maybe Revolutions
upgrade front brakes

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