Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The spaghetti incident

Something that annoyed me since the first day I own the PI is the bodged up electrics by Mr P.O. He did some rewiring on the car and decided it would be clever to use only one colour of wire. YELLOW! To make it all look a bit more fancy he finished it off with some rather tasty (kinky?) red plastic tubing. Time to rip this spaghetti out and start all over again.

First I had to repair some bits of the original loom at the alternator, coil and temp switch. Then I took all the yellow wiring out. I even found some loose bits hanging around behind the dash, not being connected. Also got rid of some scotch locks. Why on earth do people use these?? Today I made up a new loom for the gauges in the centre console. Tomorrow I'll have to finish it off and hopefully all works again. Fingers crossed!

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