Sunday, March 20, 2005

First driving event CTH

Finally after the long winter stop, yesterday was the first 2005 meeting of Club Triumph Holland. A night rally over a distance of 180k. I really like night rallies so I wasn’t bothered about 2 hours motorway cruising to the start of the event. We went down in my GT6 and Theo took the TR7 out. Over 50 cars were competing in this event, not all of them being a Triumph or even British. A couple of French, one American and also two Swedish cars appeared to the start. They all suited very well to the British cars and it gave a nice mix of cars. After a very nice dinner first cars started for the rally. We blasted off at 18.20. The route was set up in ball and arrow system. There were 205 drawings for 180k!!! That’s what you get in a Dutch rally. Loads of short distance roads, all very narrow and twisty. Also covered in mud and dirt, which makes it tricky too. Hard work for navigator and driver. Especially when your tacho stops working. Just before the start of the rally I filled up with petrol and reset the tacho. After that it decided to stop all activities. Very difficult navigating without distance and even more difficult in the night. Luckily we picked up behind a local chap in a Mini. At least I think he was local, otherwise he must be insane! This chap really kicked tires in his Mini. It was a pleasure for us to follow that racing-green box with white roof. Best action of the night. Overtaking a Saab Sonet by taking the shortcut route over a roundabout. Mini in front, GT6 on second!! The shortest way is always the quicker one. Second best action. Loosing the exhaust of my car after hitting a ditch in the road very hard. The rubber mountings at the back were snapped off and the exhaust was then only attached to the car at the manifold. Luckily we managed to put it back under the car by using some spare electric wire. A damn good repair, it held all the way back home. Back at the finish we met up with Theo and Rene again. They were in already for an hour. Which means they pushed the wedge around really quick. (as usual) After a nice beer we went home. It was a great start of the driving season. Next week there’s the next event already. I bit more relaxed as it is on Easter Monday!

Pics will follow soon............

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Raider said...

Sounds like a great event Roger - the pics of the car are cracking too!

I can't wait to get my Tr back on the road - see you in June?

If not, I'll see you on the 10CR