Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The rollingroadtest 26-2-05

As in preparation for my triple weber conversion I did a rolling road test the other day. I thought it would be usefull to know what the output of the engine is before the conversion. The car is all standard except for a SS sports exhaust and tubular manifold. (6-2-1) It also has a Aldon electronic ignition. Luckily the company I work for (Bosch service centre) got all the equipment to do the run. Unfortunately I have this problem with the engine, sometimes it cuts off power at 4000RPM. For some reason (don't know why) it happened again during the run. It just wont rev up anymore. Did some investigation today and I think I found the fault in a worn dizzycap. The centre bit (black pin, don't know the proper name for it) was almost completely gone. Changed the cap for another one and went for a spin. No faults so far, It now revs up to 5000RPM without any problems. Hope that's sorted then.. Anyway the results for the run are 67kw at 4000RPM, which is 92BHP at the crank. Not too bad actually.

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