Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Things that make you go...........

The windscreen on the driverside of my car winded up very heavy. It actually did this for more than two years now.... No prob, I'll fix it the other week. and the week after.... and after .... Not being my favorit job! Finally the knob on the handle seized. Then I had no choice. I actually thought the mechanism needed some greasing. But what a happy surprise after I removed the doorcard. The returnspring on the mechanism was missing! How on earth could this happen?? Haven't got a clue to be honest. I found the spring back at the bottom of the door. That's even more magic, as the spring normally sits on the outside... First I tried to put the spring back in place without removing the mechanism. As you can imagine, this ain't working. So I ended up removing the complete mechanism. The spring is back in place now and the windsreen winds up very easy. It was only a two hour job. And then another hour for putting back the lockingpin into the handle. A job you need three hands for.... I managed with two in the end!

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