Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Update no 2: Real Estate

August 2008

No not another Triumph, this is about our new house. After an extending search on the web and many viewings we finally found a house we both felt happy about. From the first time we walked in it gave us the feeling of being at home. Very odd, as the house needed a fair amount of work. Large white tiles in the livingroom, pink doorposts and a very outdated kitchen are not exactly what you expect from your new home. It must have been the location and size of the house that gave us that magic feeling. And of course the garage including loft did it's part! Well, you can imagine rebuilding the house has cost a huge amount of time and money. This being the main reason why it has been quiet with the cars. As most of the work is done now I hope to find more time to work on my Triumphs again! Certainly something I missed out on.

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