Sunday, January 03, 2010

Update no 3: Nachtrit 2008

November 2008

Well, we didn't finish! All was going really well in the first section. We found a good pace and enjoyed trashing the GT6 around. Co-driver Paul did an excellent job on the tulips, no mistakes at all. Soon we were behind Rob in the Escort and both cars were flying on the twisty roads in the Belgium Ardennes. One of the highlights of the route was a ford which had to be crossed. A bit too enthusiastic maybe and after a couple of 100 metres the engine stalled. We pulled over and inspected the dizzy etc. After wiping out the wet parts the car was running ok for a while then stalled again. The Escort crew didn't see us stop and continued their run. After changing cap, rotor and plugleads the car still wasn't running ok. In the meantime Rob in the TR7 V8 pulled over. He suggested to check the fuel supply. Well, he was right, there was no juice coming at all. After cleaning out the filter inside of the facetpump the engine went again. Eureka! So we continued the rally. After some 10km the engine stalled again in an uphill section. We pulled over again to check on the fuelpump. Cleaned it out and off we went. Followed by Rob in the TR7 and Mark in the Volvo 480 we carried on. Not much later when we had to pull onto a main road the car stopped again. This time I was really fed up and decided to stop. It was just too dangerous with a car that constantly cuts out. We parked the car up at a farmhouse and continued the rally on the backseat of a Volvo 480. Up to the halfway stop to have some delicious spagetti (or was it tomatosoup?). After that we went straight back to the finish. A bit dissapointed about the results we went home. The day after we left home early to collect the GT6. Luckily (not) the car was parked up at the most far point on the route,actually not far from Namur. When we arrived the car was still there and fired up immediately. It could be driven onto the trailer. Of course Theo had to do his photographing but soon enough we were heading home. After a gentle drive in the Land Rover we arrived home around noon. The end of another interesting weekend!

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