Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update no 5: Why the GT6 stopped running and NvhO 2009

A couple of weeks before the first event of 2009 I thought it would be about time to investigate the GT6 and find out why it stopped running during the November Nachtrit. As there was a problem with the fuel supply I had a suspicious feeling that there would be a blockage in the fueltank. I was right. After removing the sender unit I noticed what was wrong. When I bought the car in 2001 it had been stored in a garage for 14 years. Unfortunately it had a nearly empty tank which caused a very rusty tank. I then solved the problem by sealing the inside of the tank with "tank-cure", a 2-pack sealant. For some odd reason after 9 years this sealant had come loose and caused major blockages. I changed the tank for a fresh example and the GT was back in business again! Just in time to start in the Nacht van het Oosten rally, a.k.a. the Chinese rally. Well, what can I say, it was a top night of entertainment. Rutger found some very interesting roads and also we had to discover 2 new navigating skills. This time it was not only "tulips", the rally started with a section of mapreading. Just before the halfway stop there was a special stage on an empty industrial estate. Oh boy, did we have fun trashing the GT6 around the wide roads. We managed to do the exact route only we forgot there was a controlpost with a stamp. Well, actually we didn't bother about the stamp. It was too much fun trying to go sideways around the corners. The second half of the rally went really well, we arrived without any trouble back at the chinese restaurant.

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