Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First time out

The Mini scene in the Netherlands must be one of the most active scenes outside the UK. Loads of action going on all year round so we decided to visit a local run and find out about the Mini hospitality! Just a couple of miles from home we arrived at the start of the Mini rally. 23 smart little cars found their way to the pub, which wasn't bad as the weather forecast wasn't really promising. The run turned out to be Mini indeed, as it was only 50km. Map reading this time!They gave us a map which showed 10 spots that all had to be visited. At these spots they had taken some photographs of unique objects in that area. We had to find the correct photos at the correct position. It turned out that our navigation skills were excellent, we found the 10 spots in no-time! Finding the photographed objects seemed to be a bit more complicated. Or maybe it was because we couldn't be bothered jumping out of the car and inspecting the area like a true Sherlock Holmes. The photos were too much in detail. In the end we managed to find at nearly all spots a suitable photo. Back at the pub we realised that some of the Mini folks took this photo searching very serious. In fact, it now seemed that there could have been found multiple photos at one spot, something we didn't know.... So you can imagine the results of our first Mini event. Well, we didn't come last! (but as close as you can get). Anyway, we had loads of fun in our little car. Els had her first wheelspin experience! She really enjoys driving the Mini. Which is great! The day ended in good atmosphere, being invited by some local Mini friends having a meal at the local chip-shop.

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