Friday, February 05, 2010

Update no 9: Nachtrit 2009

The final update is about the November nachtrit. It was the first time for Els being a co-driver in this sort of events. She was a bit nervous about it, but once started things went really well. The first couple of miles we took it easy to get used to the tulip diagrams. It didn't take long before we could speed up. She really got the hang of it and all was going well, both enjoying the event. Unfortunatelly Els became sick during the first section of the rally. At the halfway stop we deceided to return straight to the finish as she still wasn't feeling well. Which was a shame but also the only right thing to do. The way back was good fun! I enjoyed myself driving the GT6 back by following the "fastest" route designed by our TomTom. Some very fast roads through a forest brought us back to the motorway. Satnav can be fun sometimes! GT6 went really well. As a test I removed the rubber seal on top of the bulkhead. It made all cooling issues dissappear. Apperrantly there's a much better under bonnet flow with the seal removed. I'm happy with the results and didn't expect it to make such a difference. Hope it will cool things down in summer as well. Time will tell.

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